Pool Openings & Closings


Riverton Pool and Spa opens and closes thousands of in-ground pools for residential, municipal and commercial customers throughout the Tri-State Area! Proper pool preparation for the winter season ensures that when warm weather arrives your pool will be ready to be opened before the pool season starts.

Pool Openings

When it’s time to open your pool count on the experts at Riverton Pool and Spa to do the job right. We’ll re-install accessories such as diving boards, ladders, handrails, lights, pool cleaner, etc. And we’ll reassemble filter and pumps, including replacement of gaskets and/or seals if needed (parts not included), and perform a complete water chemistry check. We also are the only company that scrubs the deck with brush and chlorine.

Pool Closings: Protect Your Pool in Winter

When the summer season ends, Riverton Pool & Spa winterizes the pool equipment and all of the pool lines and adds necessary chemicals to the pool. A properly closed pool ensures a stress-free opening next season. Our services include lowering the water level in your pool accordingly, draining your pool’s filtration, heating and pumping equipment, blowing out filtration lines and equipment and installing winter plugs, adding antifreeze, removing the pool sweep and storing it on your property, installing ice protection container in the skimmer.

Our pool opening service includes:
  • Removing, blowing off, folding & storing of pool cover. (water tubes included)
  • Re-assembly of filter motor & pool equipment. (no parts included)
  • Reinstalling ladders & handrails. (cleaning of board included if installed) Technicians must have easy access to equipment.
  •  Brushing of the tile & cover area around pool. (Wherever cover was laying, we are not responsible for permanent stains & damaged tiles)
  • Shocking of pool with sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) and start-up Algaecide.
  • Heater Start-up.
  • We will inspect pool & filtration equipment & advise if further service is necessary.

As fall and winter approach, it comes time to close your pool in order to best take care of it. A pool is an expensive investment, and to protect it, a professional should handle your pool closing.

Our pool closing service includes:
  • Removal of all Deck Equipment, such as Ladders, Handrails. (We do not remove Diving Boards Due to Liability)
  • Removal of Skimmer Basket’s and Return Hydrostreams
  • Blowout of All Pool Related Water Lines using an “Air Compressor”. We also add Antifreeze where needed.
  • Proper Winterizing of Pool Equipment (Filter, Pumps, Heater, Chlorinator, Etc.)
  • Addition of Winter Chemicals (Non-Chlorine Shock, Winter Algaecide, Mineral Control Agent, Anti Freeze)
  • Install Customers Pool Cover

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It means a great deal to us to have great customer service. We are always trying to improve our company to better serve you. If we can not answer your question we will lead you to who can. Please call our professional staff  at 844-209-1147.  Riverton Pool & Spa is a local business that is here to work for you.

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